Why Vote Democratic in this Election

1. Because, Trump. EVEN IF YOU ARE REPUBLICAN. Independent. Libertarian. Third Party.
  • Trump is anti-Democratic, anti-Republican, anti-American.
  • Trump’s policies hurt our fellow Americans, our allies around the world, and our planet.
  • Republicans have a chance to rebuild your party from the bottom up after Trump and his minions are gone.
  • Independents and Third Parties need to keep our country and elections free so you can become stronger third parties for our future.
  • Democrats need to do quite a bit of work, too, to fully represent our people on the ground.
2. Because Democrats, while imperfect, are attempting to move the ball forward.
  • The last time Dems had control of Congress, they got healthcare to millions more Americans. What did the GOP do? Try to take healthcare away and gave the rich $1.5 trillion in tax breaks.
  • In the last 38 years Democrats have had control of both President and both Houses of Congress for only 3 years (see this chart and this chart). They’ve actually done a lot with very little.
  • Democrats are a BIG TENT. We fight a lot, because there’s room for everyone. Did I say we fight a lot?
3. Because Democrats are on the right side of the issues, fighting for all americans.
  • Getting the corrupting money out of politics
  • Creating good paying jobs ($15) & supporting Unions
  • Universal healthcare & women’s reproductive rights
  • Making our financial system work for everyone
  • Fixing our broken criminal justice & immigration laws
  • Building a clean energy economy to solve climate change
  • Affordable education from daycare through college
  • Preserving Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid
  • Protecting voting and civil rights across America!

For more details, visit www.democrats.org/party-platform