My plan was to find a job I could do at home while watching my young child. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha. In any case, since 1995 or so, I’ve been doing web design for clients in Chicago and the Lehigh Valley. My newest sites are created to be viewed on tablets and phones as well as laptops and desktop computers.

Rabbi who provides creative Jewish rituals wanted a colorful site to showcase her workshops, services and products. It’s a rather complex site architecture so it has a dropdown menu to make choices easier to select. View this site at www.shechinah.com.

Site for a therapy dog non-profit organization whose members visit schools, nursing homes and libraries. They needed photos of member dogs, slide shows of activities and a community calendar. View this site at www.pawswithpatience.com.

Site for a law firm with a design created to appeal both to the legal community and to prospective clients, many of whom are defendants in criminal cases. The goal was to create a balance between a classical legal look and a bright, welcoming attitude. Visit this site at www.levylawpa.com.

A site for a rabbi who specializes in weddings—all kinds of weddings! Jewish weddings, interfaith weddings, multicultural weddings, same-sex weddings. Slide shows illustrate the sweetness and joy of weddings she has led recently. View this site at www.interfaithjewishweddings.com.

A Chicago-based outdoor advertising firm specializing in diverse local markets. Two features built into the site are a password-protected area showing specific offerings, and an online form to order mobile advertising. View this site at www.outdoorimpact.com.