PCPs 101


Have you ever heard of a PCP? I hadn’t until a few weeks ago. I’ve been a Democratic voter my whole life, and I’ve never met one. During the Obama election, people from that campaign visited my Mom, though, and she got so excited. Her vote was wanted!

When Trump got elected, I was like a deer in the headlights. Then I was kind of like Frankenstein, lurching around. When I got myself to the East Penn Democratic Club, we talked about … talking to people in our neighborhoods. Still hadn’t heard of a PCP. It makes sense. We know the folks around where we live. We hang over the fence, talk about whose vegetable has grown into whose yard and do you want some of this herb?

As it turns out, a PCP is a Precinct Committee Person. Understand, I hadn’t yet really heard of a Precinct either. Except that all five precincts in Emmaus voted for Obama. Then for Bernie. Then for Hillary. By a hair. So what are these precincts, you say? Well every municipality is broken up into units. Each unit has a polling place. Ours is over at 333 Ridge, off 4th street.

BOMBSHELL. I live in Emmaus Precinct #2!!! I had no idea!!! It’s right there on my voter card.

Anyway, a PCP is the very lowest elected office for Democrats. It’s so small that most of the offices aren’t even filled. Everyone has forgotten about it. But, you know, it’s really critical for engaging voters and winning elections. Have you ever gone to vote and there’s a bunch of people on the ballot you’ve never heard of? I have, and I try to be engaged.

The other thing is getting encouragement. Like many of you, I have a neighbor on my block who had a Trump sign in his yard. Other than this, he’s a good neighbor. But while I was canvassing for Hillary in Fogelsville and Breinigsville, I had the idea that MY WHOLE STREET WAS REPUBLICAN. It turns out half of us are Democrats. That is really helpful for me.

PCPs help the voters in a precinct, answer questions, get people registered to vote, let you know who is going to be on the ballot, maybe drive some of you to the polls. Be a resource to you to help figure out who you want to vote for, while you get on with your busy lives. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, go to the Lehigh County Democratic Party meetings, and this is an great opportunity to make sure the Democratic Party starts operating from the bottom up, HEARS WHAT YOU SAY LOUD AND CLEAR.

So when I knock on your door, that’s what it’s about. And guess what? There are two PCP positions open in each Precinct. Any one of you could run too. Uh, oh, where did you all go?