US House District 7

This is our new District 7, the reason we might be able to flip Lehigh Valley representation in the US House from Red to Blue! The new district is centered on the Lehigh Valley, as it should be, without including outlying areas that are primarily Republican and where residents have other interests that don’t affect us.

It is also the reason we vote twice in the upcoming election for Susan Wild. A Special Election for a one month term of the old 15th District is still being held, as well as the two year term in our brand new 7th District!

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Go here to see the original source.’s_7th_congressional_district#/media/File:District_7.png

Here are the historical district lines from 1991 to present. In 2001 the Republicans gerrymandered the district to include areas far flung from the Lehigh Valley! However, Pennsylvanians elect our Supreme Court judges and in 2018 a bipartisan PA Supreme court (4 Dems, 3 GOP judges) ruled the Republican gerrymander was illegal and ordered new districts created.

To see the source for this data, go here