While my first love is digital art, I can also do print design. Lately, I’ve been offering pro bono political materials to local clubs and candidates.

East Penn Democratic Club, revived in November 2017, needed a logo to represent the locale and its underlying Pennsylvania German culture. This design takes its cue from a quilt design found in the Macungie Institute where the club holds its meetings.

This piece is a yard sign for Cheryl Johnson Watts, who ran for and won School Director of Allentown School District. The idea of incorporating a school bus shape was her idea. I found a perimeter shape online and skewed it to suggest speed. Then the candidate’s name went on the inside, with her last name doubling for the school bus windows.

School board candidate Thomas Nardone needed a yard sign that would stand out and look like a blackboard.

Bumper sticker design for Commissioner Candidate Shoaib Chaudhary, a local businessman.