How Do You Want to Vote?

If you want to vote by mail, sign up for a mail ballot before May 11. You can request an application at or from the Lehigh County Voter Office at 610-782-3194. You can mail it, put it in a Lehigh County ballot drop box, or take it to the Voter Office in Allentown.

If you want to vote in person at the polls, check your polling location before you go at in case of last minute changes. Polls are open on voting day between 7a-8p. Presently our polling place is at St. John’s UCC Church, 139 N. 4th Street.

You can also vote early by going to the Lehigh County Office on 17 S. 7th Street, Allentown and you can request, fill out and submit a ballot in one visit. Be sure to do this before the Mail Ballot application deadline of May 11th. Check the Election Calendar for dates you can do this. If you need to register you have to do this 15 days before the election.

QUESTIONS? Call the Election Office at 610-782-3194.