What is our Voting District?

Your district is Emmaus Precinct #2 if you live between the bounds of Harrison, 5th and Main Streets. Our voting location is St. John’s Church at 139 N. 4th Street. Emmaus has six precincts as you can see from this map of our borough. Visit pollingplacefinder.lehighcounty.org if you’re in another Emmaus precinct or somewhere else in the Lehigh Valley.

We also fall into districts based on what office you are voting for. Lehigh County has five districts. There are PA Assembly House and Senate districts and federal congressional districts to elect our congress members in the U.S House.

In County government, we have an Executive (presently Democrat Phillips Armstrong) along with nine Commissioners. Emmaus is in County District 5. In the 2019 election, Lehigh County flipped the Commission to Blue! Joining are Democrats Bob Elbich, Zakiya Smalls, and Dave Harrington. Democrat Dan Hartzell was re-elected. Since 2019, Republican Nathan Brown has quit, and Democrats Joyce Moore and Omar Ray are running for that seat.

These districts are for PA Assembly Senate members in Harrisburg. We are in District 18. Go to www.redistricting.state.pa.us/Maps/Senate.cfm to view the underlying data, zoom into your street, etc.

These districts are for PA Assembly House members in Harrisburg. We are in District 131. Go to www.redistricting.state.pa.us/Maps/House.cfm to view the underlying data, zoom into your street, etc.

This is our new District 7, centered on the Lehigh Valley, as it should be, without including outlying areas that are primarily Republican and where residents have other interests that don’t affect us.

If you noticed how wiggly the borders of the PA House and Senate districts are in comparison to the US House District 7 boundary, you are noticing GERRYMANDERING. For more information about this phenomenon, see fairdistrictspa.com. Below are some maps of our US House district before the PA Supreme Court forced a fair redraw.