About Joe Biden

Joe Biden is now running on the most Progressive Policy Platform of any Democratic nominee in history.

Incorporating many policies espoused by primary opponents, especially Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden’s platform is becoming a detailed and aggressive agenda that includes doubling the minimum wage and tripling funding for schools with low-income students. He is proposing the most sweeping overhaul of immigration policy in a generation, the biggest pro-union push in three generations, and the most ambitious environmental agenda of all time.

  • WAGES Raise federal minimum wage to $15 an hour.
  • CLIMATE Make US economy carbon-neutral by 2050, details to be written by the Biden/Sanders working group on policy, led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and John Kerry.
  • HEALTHCARE Enhance Affordable Care Act by adding a public option to the Exchanges.
  • COLLEGE Supports Sanders/Jayapal College for All act which would eliminate tuition at public colleges for students in families with less than $125,000 income. Also would double maximum Pell Grant award.
  • HOUSING Make Federal Section 8 an entitlement so all eligible families would get help.
  • EDUCATION Pledge to triple federal money to low income districts to equalize funding between rich and poor districts.
  • UNIONS Supports PRO Act, which could overturn Right-to-Work laws, and is more pro-union than Obama, Clinton or Carter.
  • IMMIGRATION Supports comprehensive immigration reform, including the legislative establishment of a path to citizenship for millions of long-settled unauthorized workers.

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