Save Democracy: Volunteer

NEW VOLUNTEER ACTIVITY: Give me an hour and help us drop off campaign baggies at your neighbor’s houses. We’ve gotten this going not only in Precinct #2, but also #1, #3 and #4. Contactless and Covidless! I’ll give you 50 baggies, a list of folks, and off you go!

Phone, text, write: all the things are virtual in the most critical election of our lifetime!!! In the age of Covid, you can save Democracy from your house on your cell phone. Introverts may choose to write or text; extroverts can zoom in to a phonebank session and meet others online. It’s all good! Here are the links to various ongoing campaign activities.

Join the Pennsylvania Democrats to elect all our candidates in this critical swing state that will help decide the Presidential election. Call from the comfort of your own home! Pick from multiple dates and times for an hour of calling each.

Zoom in to a virtual phonebank to help re-elect Susan Wild, who has been a tireless advocate for our families in Pennsylvania’s 7th District. Join us every week to call neighbors in Emmaus and Hellertown!

Tuesdays 4-6pm
Thursdays 4-6pm

Join the Blue Revolution Postcard/Letter-Writing Crew on Facebook and let them send you postcards to send to Swing State voters. You supply the message and the 35-cent stamps. Democrats are registered in greater numbers than Republicans, but alas, they don’t vote in those greater numbers. Also join the Facebook Group too, they are delightful. They have been collecting money for our nominee WAY BACK before when we had 12-15 people running …

You can also Help Save Democracy here if you are not on Facebook and/or are more web-inclined.

They send you cards for a swing state of your choice!

Join me as I call and text approximately 400 likely voters in the 2nd Emmaus precinct. I’ll give you a dozen folks on your street if you want. You may call as few or as many as you like. Just email me at, phone me at 484-519-0329, or text me at that same number.

If you are in a different precinct, I’ll put you in touch with your Democratic Precinct Person for your own precinct if you like. Just let me know!