UPDATE: Biden/Harris Signs

Email me at emmaus2dems<at>gmail.com if you want a sign! I have about a dozen left, and they are going quickly!

We’re all waiting for Joe to pick a VP, then there will be lots of signs. If you are impatient or have three Trump flags on your block like I do, you can make your own.

This sign is two white garbage bags, two plant fences, and sharpie marker.
Step 1: Decide how wide your sign should be. Basically, the width of your bag.
Step 2: Find some baggie ties from the kitchen.
Step 3: Assemble your frame so it is stable and strong.
Step 4: Place first bag over frame and adjust so everything fits.
Step 5: Print out the letter template downloadable HERE.
Step 6: Trim off any margins on one side of each page.
Step 6: Tape all the pages together.
Step 7: Tape pages down on light board. You can also tape to a window if it is daytime.
Step 8: Tape the second bag to the light board or window.
Step 9: Outline each letter and color in with your sharpie! Fun and relaxing!
Step 10: Place second bag over first, trim and place in your yard!